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jade-oo: Object-Oriented Eye for the Multi-Agent Guy

March 28, 2010

I’ve spent the last couple of years working on, among other things, a JADE-based multi-agent system. JADE is a stable, mature framework for the development of agent-based systems, but it violates a few of the principles of good object-oriented software. jade-oo is my (outside-of-work) attempt to demonstrate how those issues might be addressed.

I hope that any improvements I can make will be folded back into the main JADE code base. My general plan is to maintain backwards-compatibility though liberal use of deprecation, whilst adding an API that makes better use of OO, with a particular emphasis on unit testing (i.e. software written against my API should be very easy to test).

Well, that’s the overview; it’s probably time to write an article or two on what I’ve actually done so far…

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