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How to read this website

August 23, 2009

This blog, like many other websites, is little more than a periodically-updated stream of stuff. Back in the dark ages, you’d have to go round visiting all your favourite websites to find out if there’s a latest Dilbert comic or post. These days, RSS is a much better way to keep check up on what’s new on the web. Yes, I know that all the cool kids have been RSSing for ages, but I’ve only just got into it, so bear with me… Anyway, here’s how I recommend that you should keep up-to-date with

Subscribe to the Entries (RSS) Feed

Over on the right (–>), at the top,  you’ll see a “Feeds” heading, and “Entries (RSS)” right underneath it. What you want to do is use an RSS reader to subscribe to this RSS feed. Yeah, I know, I’m making this sound way more complicated than it is. Let’s see if bullet points help…

  • You’ll need an RSS Reader. I recommend Google Reader. If you’ve got a Google account (e.g. for GMail) then you’re already good-to-go.
  • If you’re using Firefox, you simply click on the “Entries (RSS)” link and it’ll ask you how you want to subscribe…
  • …and if you choose Google then you’ll get to choose between iGoogle and Google Reader…
  • …and I ♥ Google Reader, so I suggest that you give it a go.

Once you’ve got that subscription added, you can:

  • Subscribe to other websites
  • Subscribe to the comments of posts that you want to follow (e.g. see if anyone responds to a comment you’ve made)
  • Read them all in Google Reader

Using Google Reader to consume this sort of content is way more intuitive than reading the websites themselves. I’d tell you why, but where’s the fun in that? Go on, give it a go!

Oh, and once last thing, I’m fairly sure that it’s nigh-on impossible to get trojans, or any other bad-webpage-nasties, through greader. Which is nice.

So, in short; Favour RSS over Websites 😉


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