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Apple Strikes Out

March 29, 2009

I had to take my “awesome” macbook back to John Lewis today, barely 8 months into its two-year warranty; that makes 3 Apple products bought, 3 Apple products returned…

So I started with a black 8GB iPod nano (3rd gen). That used to lock up when I connected it to my computer, so I’d have to reboot it to get it to connect, at which point it would declare itself as corrupt and wipe off anything I’d managed to put on it. I took it back for a replacement. The new one still locks up when I connect it to my computer, but at least it doesn’t wipe itself when I reboot it. Oh, and it hangs if I play the same song repeatedly. But, meh.

The second thing to go was the Apple Cinema Display, but then I’ve already told you all about that. In the end, we got a replacement; clearly whatever it was, it was beyond repair.

Third and final place goes, obviously, to the macbook. What went wrong? Well. it would turn on and give me the blue/grey screen and the start-up sound, but that would be it; no Apple logo, no spinning wheel, no error icon. Nothing. And it would do it repeatedly, but not consistently; it would go through a batch of failed start-ups, then decide that everything was ok again and be happy for a week or so.

I tried reinstalling the software; enabling verbose start-up (although it never got that far); all manner of google-inspired attempts to fix it. I’d guess that it was a hardware failure, although I’ve no idea what.

So, anyway, it’s gone back now.

One thing that surprised me was that, having handed it over for repair, I dared to wander round the showroom, fully expecting to be left wondering why on earth I bought a macbook 8 months ago when I could’ve had something shinier and newer now… but, actually, the netbooks weren’t as shiny and new as I thought they would be, and if anything the newer machines were even more expensive than my macbook was.

Well, that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

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