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We've won a photo competition!

January 21, 2009

We entered a photography competition, and we won!

Well, when I say “We”…

You’ll probably notice that the winner was one Sarah Invernizzi. Who isn’t me. So how come I’m claiming some part in the victory?

The truth of the matter is that our in-work photography club, of which I’m a quarter, got together and took some photos to submit to the competition. We tried out a few things, including heading off to a car park late at night to draw pictures with lamps. Which isn’t as dodgy as it sounds. Honest.

Matt had the original idea of creating pictures with light, having done some earlier. Jamie, our president, supplied the tripod and did the writing,  Sarah (the only one of us with enough of a life to not get a link against her name) told us what to do, and I pressed the button.

Here’s the winning photo:

Which, if I’m honest, wasn’t my favourite of the car park photos; I much preferred the one with three Jamie’s in it.

Think you can do better? Why not enter the next 360 challenge?


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