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Online Photo Galleries

August 13, 2008

I wrote this long piece on online photo galleries, but it was basically junk. All you need to know is…

If, like me, you just want to post some photos on the web for you, your friends and perhaps others to enjoy, then you have two options; Flickr and Facebook. What’s the difference?

Mr Flickr says: “Here’s my photo. Look at the colours, the composition, the light. I’m rather pleased with it. Oh, and it’s a picture of my friends on holiday.”

Little Miss Facebook says: “Here’s a photo of my friends on holiday. There’s Tom, Andy, Laura and me. I’m rather pleased with it. The colour, composition and light are pretty good too.”

So [whilst I’ve got friends (like Bertie) who put their “proper” photos on Facebook, and friends (like Tom) who put their holiday snaps on Flickr] the only real difference betwen them is a slight emphasis on the photo with Flickr, and what’s in it with Facebook.

Finally, if you’re not like me, but want to, say, host your own gallery on your own website, then you should probably check out Gallery 2.


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